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    贯耳瓶是古代工匠烧制的瓷瓶之一。流行于中国宋代。器形仿汉代投壶式样,直颈较长,腹部扁圆,圈足,颈部两侧对称贴竖直的管状贯耳The ear jar is one of the porcelain bottles made by ancient craftsmen. Popular in the Chinese Song Dynasty. The device resembles the Han Dynasty pitcher style, with a long straight neck, a flat abdomen, a circular foot, and a tubular ear that is symmetrical on both sides of the neck。。154baa886ce4f4a49b25680ed6f5e24


    官窑,是南宋宋高宗时期一些窑口专为宫廷烧制的瓷器,供御捡退,在当时俗称“官窑”。官窑其实是一个相对广义的概念。历代由朝造专设的瓷窑均称“官窑”,所产瓷器称为“官窑瓷”。 “官窑瓷”则又分为两大类,狭义的指朝廷垄断,专窑专烧的,广义的则是由朝廷设定标准,用窑不限,即民窑也可烧造,最后由朝廷派专人按统一标准验收,合格者统一采办,也称官窑瓷。官窑的分类严格地来讲狭义的“官窑瓷”又分为两种,1、御窑瓷2、官窑瓷,由于两种瓷器均由“官家”督造和采办,所以对民间而言,统称为官窑瓷。但就管理而言,则有非常大的区别。The official kiln was a porcelain made specifically for the court during the Song Gaozong period of the Southern Song Dynasty。 It was used for retreat。 At that time, it was commonly known as the "official kiln。" Guanyao is actually a relatively broad concept。 The porcelain kilns specially made by the DPRK have all been called "official kilns" and the porcelain produced is called "official kiln porcelain." "Guanyao porcelain" is divided into two categories. The narrow sense refers to the monopoly of the court, the special kiln is dedicated to burning, and the broad sense is set by the court. The kiln is not limited to the kiln, that is, the kiln can also be fired, and finally the court. The special personnel were sent to accept according to a unified standard. Qualified people are unified procurement, also known as official kiln porcelain. The classification of the official kiln is strictly speaking divided into two types of "official kiln porcelain" in the narrow sense. 1, Yuyao porcelain 2, and Guanyao porcelain. Since both kinds of porcelain are supervised and purchased by the "official family", they are collectively referred to as official kiln porcelain. But in terms of management, there is a very big difference.154baa886ce4f4a49b25680ed6f5e24


    所谓御窑瓷,是指专供皇家使用的瓷器,在器型、纹饰上均有严格的礼仪规定,等级森严,均与《车服制》严格对应,错用或擅用均为重罪。The so-called imperial kiln porcelain refers to the porcelain that is used exclusively by the royal family. There are strict etiquette regulations on the device type and decoration, and the hierarchy is strict。 They all correspond strictly to the "Garment System" and are used incorrectly or illegally。


    官窑瓷,主要是庞大的官僚群体使用,型制要求相对较低,多限于花鸟虫鱼神话等“礼制”之外的题材,有时皇家会作为“趣味”把玩器采购,但多为官员、富商使用。这一类瓷器,一般由内务府采办,在景德镇设有专门的督陶官,长年烧造。Guanyao porcelain is mainly used by large bureaucratic groups. The type system requires relatively low requirements. It is mostly limited to subjects other than the "ritual system" such as the myth of flowers, birds, insects, and fish. Sometimes the royal family purchases playthings as "fun", but it is mostly used by officials and wealthy businessmen.. This type of porcelain is generally purchased by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and has a special governor in Jingdezhen and is burned for many years.



    明代《格古要论》中有这样的描述:“哥窑纹 取冰裂、鳝血为上,梅花片墨纹次之.细碎纹,纹之下也。 。单从釉色上来看已平添了几分古朴沧桑,珍稀古美,弥足珍贵,极具观赏、研究与收藏价值。In the Ming Dynasty, there was such a description: "Ge Yaos lines were cracked, and the blood of the eel was on the top, followed by plum blossom ink。 "。 From the point of view of glaze, it has added a few simple vicissitudes of life, rare and ancient beauty, precious, extremely ornamental, research and collection value。


    此贯耳瓶微侈口,直颈溜肩,瓶两侧饰两管状耳,即贯耳,长方扁体腹至下外鼓,圈足。此瓶胎体厚重,釉色肥腴,釉色莹润呈灰白色,釉面布满大小开片,开片自然,形制规正,品相全美。贯耳瓶造型最早出现于宋代,其器形制为仿青铜器汉壶造型。敞口、短颈,口沿和颈部两侧分别置有两个对称的竖直管状贯耳,因此称之为贯耳瓶。贯耳瓶也是仿古而来。它所仿的是汉代贵族所用的投壶。造型简洁大方的贯耳瓶非常契合宋人不重雕饰、追求朴素自然的审美思想,因而也成为了宋人陈设于书案之上的怡养性情之器。据说它是皇家富宅主人用作游戏的投掷器,玩法是在一定距离内拿一根小木棒朝瓶投去,看谁投入瓶内次数多就算谁赢。此贯耳方瓶造型秀巧,古朴清丽,极具观赏价值及收藏价值。This ear jar has a slight opening, a straight neck, and two tubular ears on both sides of the bottle, that is, the ear, the long flat abdomen to the outer drum, and the circle foot. This bottle of fetal body is heavy, enamel fat, glaze glazing is grayish white, glaze covered with size of the film, open natural, shape system, quality of the United States。 The shape of the ear jar first appeared in the Song Dynasty, and its device shape was modeled as a bronze pot。 The open, short neck, the mouth and the neck have two symmetrical vertical tubular ears on both sides, so it is called a through ear bottle。 The jar is also antique。 What it imitates is the pot used by the Han nobles。 The simple and generous jar of the ear fits well with the aesthetic thoughts of the Song people who do not re-decorate and pursue simplicity and nature。 Therefore, it has also become a device for the Song people to set up a comfortable character on the book。 It is said that it is a throwing device used by the owner of the royal rich house as a game。 The game is to take a small wooden stick and throw it at the bottle at a certain distance to see who puts more times into the bottle。 This ear square bottle shape is elegant, simple and elegant, with great ornamental value and collection value。226d5db1a46523fa834b97dee9167db



It can be said that an important part of the history of development of the Han nationality is the history of ceramic development, the achievements of the Chinese in science and technology, and the pursuit and shaping of the United States。 In many ways, it is reflected through ceramic production and forms a very typical technical and artistic feature of various eras。 The invention of Chinese porcelain is a great contribution of the Han nationality to world civilization。 In English, the word "China" has become synonymous with "China." About the middle of the Shang Dynasty in the 16th century BC, early porcelain appeared in China. Because it is still rough on the fetal body, or on the firing process of the glaze layer, the firing temperature is also low, showing primitive and transitional, so it is generally called "original porcelain."


    纵观近二十年的中国古代艺术品拍卖市场,瓷器价格节节攀升,屡创新高,而鳝鱼黄釉瓷器在我们的陶瓷发展史上占有其重要的席位,由于其高贵出身,烧制工艺复杂,所以数量稀少,流传到民间的数量更为有限,在拍卖市场,就会出现很高的拍卖价格问世,很多藏家也都以拥有一件鳝鱼黄釉瓷为荣。Over the past two decades, the auction market for ancient Chinese art has seen the price of porcelain keep rising and rising to record highs, while eels and yellow glazed porcelain have occupied important seats in the history of our ceramic development。 Due to their noble origin and complicated firing techniques, the number is scarce. The number of people circulating to the private sector is more limited. In the auction market, there will be a high auction price. Many Tibetans are also proud to have an eel yellow glazed porcelain.

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